Sunday, April 24, 2016

Reverse effects: Brasshouse

Ever since a friend first shared this group with me, I have been fascinated by the phenom that is Too Many Zooz. They bill themselves as a group that plays "brasshouse," that is, combining a brass band that plays house music. In this case, it is 3 guys, The King of Sludge on Drums, Matt Doe on Trumpet, and Leo P. on Bari Sax. The sounds seem brash in the context of our classical/jazz oriented ears, but what is remarkable is how this group has pushed these two wind instruments to a point of sounding like the real electronic sound, which itself was originally modeled after these instruments. In a way it is a backwards progression in modern day society. Often times we talk about how modern technology allows sound to be synthesized with even more realism, but here is a group of acoustic musicians emulating the sounds of the imperfect imitation. What I'm trying to say: the inauthentic somehow became the authentic.

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